A Study on University Students’ Leisure Habits and Interest in Sports

Gonca Korucu Aytan, Celal Bayar University

Year 2012
Volume 1 Number 2
Page 1 – 14
Research Article


This study, which aims to understand university students’ leisure habits and interest in sports, is the result of a survey of 512 students that were randomly selected from the elementary education undergraduate programs of four universities. According to the survey data, 53.1 % of the research group consisted of female students and 46.9 % of male students.

In this study, prospective classroom teachers are evaluated in terms of how they use their leisure time left over from their daily chores, what kind of activities they are engaged in, how many hours a day they spend for these activities, and what kind of activities they do in long periods of vacation. Also, the students evaluate the recreational areas, activities and organizations of their universities. Another point the study focuses on is the students’ interest levels in sports. In addition to these, the students assess the sufficiency of their universities’ sport facilities and declare what kind of facilities should be created on their campuses. According to the results of the survey, it is apparent that university students cannot fully participate in recreational and sports activities for various reasons, the most important being the fact that universities fail to offer adequate amount of social, cultural, athletic and other similar activities. Universities should take on the responsibility and duty of offering such activities that students need.


University Student, Recreation, Sport