Perceptions of Students, Faculty, and Administrators About Pregame Tailgate Parties at a Kentucky Regional University

Steve Shih-Chia Chen, Morehead State University
Stephaine Teater, Morehead State University
Brian Whitaker, Ph.D Appalachian State University

Year 2012
Volume 1 Number 2
Page 1 – 16
Research Article


This study specifically examined three main factors affecting 343 respondents’ (235 students, 88 faculty, and 20 administrators) interest and motives for attending pre-game tailgate events, which are considered as a rich celebratory ritual of college football. These factors included: (1) the primary reasons for participation in tailgating; (2) the potential problems and risks related to hosting a tailgate; and (3) recommendations for operating a safe tailgate party. Practical strategies on control of alcohol consumption, promotional for the tailgate events, and regulatory policies for developing tailgating events were identified and discussed based on the results.


Pregame Tailgate Parties