Volume 2 Number 1

The Analysis of North American “Big Four” Sports Leagues Basing on Geographical Division
Peter Titlebaum, University of Dayton, Todd C. Koesters, J.D. University of South Carolina in Columbia, and Diane Branca, University of Dayton.

Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Sea States for Sailing Activities in Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area, Taiwan
Hsing-Ti Wu, Laurence Z.H. Chuang, Institute of Ocean Technology and Marine Affairs, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, Li-Chung Wu, Coastal Ocean Monitoring Center, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Evaluation of Students’ Perceptions on the Quality of University Life In Terms of Democratic Life Culture: The Example of Cukurova University Physical Education and Sports Department
Olcay SALICI, Suleyman Demirel University and Pervin Bilir, Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey